How to Create a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams, if prompted, log in to the application with your email account and password. Click here if you have not downloaded the application yet.


Step 2: Then, in the left sidebar of Microsoft Teams, click on the Calendar tab.

Calendar 2.PNG

Step 3: You will then see the Calendar view of the current week.

New Meeting.PNG

Step 4: Click on either the Meet now or New Meeting button.

New Meeting 2.PNG

Step 5: Fill out all the form fields for the meeting, including the email addresses of any participants you would like to have join the meeting.

Scheduling Assistant.PNG

Step 6: To see when other internal attendees are available to meet, click on the Scheduling Assistant tab at the top of the Teams window.

Step 6: Once you have filled out all the necessary forms, click the Save button in the top right corner of the Teams window. The calendar item will now appear in Teams and in Outlook.

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